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Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter-Guilty Pleasures #6

April 16, 2007

Quick Rating: Good
Rating: Parental Advisory

Anita needs to go undercover – but she’s not going without a protector.

Writer: Laurell K. Hamilton
Adaptation: Jess Ruffner
Art: Brett Booth
Colors: Imaginary Friends
Letters: Bill Tortolini
Editor: Mike Raicht
Cover Art: Brett Booth
Publisher: Marvel Comics/Dabel Brothers

Guilty Pleasures, Anita Blake’s first foray into comic books, reaches its halfway point this issue, just in time to go on hiatus until September. Anita’s quest to save her best friend’s life takes a turn as she’s forced to work with the recovering “vampire junkie” named Phillip to delve into the underworld of a “party” to try to wiggle her way into the vampire world.

Hamilton’s story has proved very successful in the transition from novels to comics. The story is definitely visual enough to make work as a comic, and Brett Booth deserves a lot of credit for how well he’s envisioned the world that Hamilton created. Jess Ruffner’s adaptation works pretty well here, although some of the dialogue occasionally comes across as slightly stilted. On the other hand, a passage where Anita quotes some classic poetry uses the ease of narrative captions wonderfully, making me wonder if the scene could possibly have worked as well in the original novel.

The book ends very much on a cliffhanger, which will have those readers getting this story for the first time through comics quite concerned for the next several months. The Dabel Brothers have a handbook and other Anita comics planned for the interim, but I’m rather surprised to see such a gap in publication. Still, I appreciate that they at least made the announcement here rather than waiting three months with no new comic and then sneaking some news out on the Internet.

A strong issue – not the best of this series so far, but strong enough.

Rating: 6/10

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