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Veronica #7

June 29, 2008

Quick Rating: Average
Title: Veronica in Australia

Veronica takes a trip down under.

Writer: George Gladir
Pencils: Dan Parent
Inks: Hy Eisman
Colors: Barry Grossman
Letters: Bill Yoshida
Editor: Dan Parent & Victor Gorelick
Cover Art: Dan Parent
Publisher: Archie Comics

Out of the several experimental Archie titles launched in the late 80s, this is the only one that has survived today. It’s also the least interesting. The first 18 or so issues of Veronica’s solo title saw her travelling the world – Paris, Rome, Texas, Canada, Africa – with every issue it was a new destination. When the rest of the experimental books folded, Veronica lasted by turning into just another Archie comic, focusing on Veronica’s adventures with the gang in Riverdale.

Still, as this issue demonstrates, the change was probably one for the better. While the original intent was noble, it didn’t make for a particularly entertaining comic book. Veronica accompanies her father on a business trip to Australia, but when he gets too busy to spend time with her, he hires a local to act as a tour guide. From here, the book tries to get educational. It’s basically a travelogue of Australia – we see all the major sites, we learn the lingo, we examine the culture, and we don’t get much of a story. Even the plane crash is pretty much just an excuse to get Veronica to examine the outback in greater detail.

Dan Parent is one of my favorite Archie artists, and his solid, consistent line helps keep the book looking good, but the story isn’t there to support it. Kudos to Archie for trying to work in some education and diversity into the line, but as they learned, if the comic isn’t entertaining, it won’t really matter.

Rating: 5/10

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