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New Avengers: Illuminati #1

December 19, 2006

Quick Rating: Fair
Rating: T+

The Illuminati intervene in the Kree-Skrull War.

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis & Brian Reed
Pencils: Jim Cheung
Inks: Mark Morales
Colors: Justin Ponsor
Letters: Cory Petit
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Cover Art: Jim Cheung
Publisher: Marvel Comics

So apparently, as we learned in the New Avengers: Illuminati one-shot, a group of Marvel’s top brains (plus Namor) have been working behind-the-scenes for many years, trying to keep things from spiraling out of control. This issue begins the massive continuity inserts that tell us what they were up to all those years.

Both Marvel and DC are guilty of this sort of continuity shoehorn from time to time, so it’s forgivable. The real question is how well the writers manage to wedge it into existing continuity. This story seems to take place immediately after the classic Kree-Skrull war storyline. The Kree, stinging from their humiliation at the hands of the Avengers, are plotting an invasion of Earth, until the braintrust called the Illuminati show up to make sure they stay away from our planet for good. The story is okay, although it feels like a hodgepodge of elements from the comics of the day. The strongest idea is really the different ways the Kree find to deal with the different members of the team.

The artwork, on the other hand, is very strong. Jim Cheung is one of the best in Marvel’s stable at the moment, and it’s a real kick seeing him draw 70s-era Avengers costumes and Iron Man in his classic armor. Really, though, seeing this just makes me long even more for the return of Young Avengers.

The book is okay, but it’s hard to judge how successful it will be until we know exactly how these continuity implants will affect things in the long run, which there’s no way to gauge until the miniseries is complete.

Rating: 6/10

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