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Somebody’s First Comic Book: Eternal Warrior #25

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TITLE: The Root of the Problem Part 2

Mike Baron
Mike Vosburg
Stu Suchit
: Mary Kolvek
: Maurice Fontenot
Valiant Comics

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: None. Cover looks sort of medieval. Could it be some sort of a period adventure comic?

IMPRESSIONS: Okay, this book gets confusing right off the bat. Granted, it says “Part 2.” I haven’t read Part 1. But the first caption box is someone talking in an outrageously stereotypical German accent that’s almost hard to read. The next couple of pages show us that this is a modern-day therapist talking to this “Mr. Armstrong” about some adventure that happened to him back during the Crusades. Evidently, in this time period he stole an invitation to see some “Goddess” of the Knights Templar, they got down and dirty, and the Knights have had it in for him ever since.

I really don’t know what to make of this comic book. The “Eternal Warrior” – I’m assuming this is the guy who appears on the cover and on the first page, Armstrong’s brother Gilad – hardly appears in the book at all. It’s all about Armstrong being something of a man-whore. The book also appears to be going for a more comedic tone. Fair enough, but the cover and title really don’t feel like I’m picking up a comedy when I pick it up. The whole book feels like it’s struggling for an identity.

The brothers, I take it, are immortal, and I get the impression here that this story exists mainly to explain the antipathy between Armstrong and some recurring villains that he’s faced. It may be wonderful in context, but as a first-time reader, I’m left thoroughly confused.


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