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Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi #2

March 6, 2006

Quick Rating: Below Average
Title: Dark Agent and other stories

Amy and Yumi dump Kaz!

Writers: Sean Carolan, Jennifer Moore, J. Torres & Abby Denson
Pencils: Christopher Cook
Inks: Mike DeCarlo & Al Nickerson
Colors: Heroic Age
Letters: Nick J. Napolitano & Travis Lanham
Editor: Joan Hilty
Cover Art: Phil Moy
Publisher: DC Comics/Johnny DC

The Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi comic book experience continues this month with another collection of short stories that may hold some appeal for hardcore fans, but will likely leave everyone else wondering how these two ever got their own TV show.

In “Dark Agent,” Ami and Yumi finally get fed up and dump their loser manager, Kaz, replacing him with a new agent, “Mr. Scratch,” who (as it turns out) has less-than angelic goals for the band. The girls grow disenchanted and must turn to Kaz to get them out of their predicament. The basic premise, if done before, is all well and good, but there’s no logical transitioning in this story. There’s no explanation as to why they decide the life of a superstar isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. They simply sign the contract, there’s a one-page montage of how great life is, and then out of the blue, they’re tired of it. Adults will get the joke about their new agent, but kids will most likely wonder what the heck made the girls change their minds.

The second story, “Tiki Torture,” is a little better. Kaz gets the girls a Tiki statue to decorate their bus, but a curse follows it, and the girls must find a way to rid themselves of a statue that doesn’t want to go. Not a great story, but at least one without any gaping logic holes in it, and it’s cute enough for what it does.

The final story, “Puffy Amiyumi $ell Out,” splits the difference. The girls, facing waning popularity, agree to let Kaz license their music and images out to sell products, something which works fine and makes them rich, until they see one product they don’t like and they shut down the whole thing. This is one where the adults are more likely to see the logic gap than the children.

As I said before, I just can’t see the appeal of this franchise, either as a TV show or a comic. If you like it, more power to you, but it’s just not for me.

Rating: 3/10

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