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Ultimate Spider-Man #60

June 5, 2005

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Carnage Part One

Spider-Man encounters a new foe, and Curt Conners makes a discovery…

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: Mark Bagley
Inks: Scott Hanna
Colors: J.D. Smith
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
Editor: Ralph Macchio
Cover Art: Mark Bagley & Richard Isanove
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Maybe I haven’t recovered from the brilliant conclusion of the “Hollywood” story arc, or maybe it’s just my general lack of enthusiasm for an Ultimate version of Carnage, but this issue was just okay for me. We open up with an extended sequence with Curt Conners, back in his Lizard form, throwing down with Spider-Man. Spidey then gets into a fight with a new bad guy characterized by spikes and blades before turning to Conners for help.

Although my biggest complaint about this title is usually the extremely slow pacing, this issue has an awful lot of action in it, much more than usual. The spike-covered villain is pretty forgettable, though, but that’s not really a problem. He’s not so much a character as a plot device, a means to an end. I’m merely underwhelmed by the idea of a new version of Carnage, the poster child for overwritten 90s villains. Bendis is going to have to tackle the character from a very different angle to make him interesting to me, and while we get a glimpse of how he may come about in this issue, we have no idea who will be in the costume just yet, and that will be paramount to determining how interesting the idea is.

Bagley does his usual fantastic job with the artwork. The new villain’s design may be as stereotypical as his place in the story, but the fight scene is choreographed wonderfully and the pages are charged with action. I also really like his rendition of the Lizard, which is just different enough from the mainstream Marvel version to be interesting. I’ve also got to give credit to Bagley and Isanove for a beautiful cover. It’s simply a wonderful piece of artwork, and while it may not relate directly to the story within, it does relate to the story arc that begins this issue, and therefore I won’t decry it as falling victim to pointless pin-up cover syndrome.

This is a good issue, but not a great one. There’s room to play around with this character and tell some new stories. Time will tell how well that is done.

Rating: 7/10

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