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Green Lantern (1990) #178

June 29, 2004

Quick Rating: Very Good
Title: Homecoming? Part Three

Fatality faces down Green Lantern on the streets of New York!

Writer: Ron Marz
Pencils: Luke Ross
Inks: Rodney Ramos
Colors: Moose Baumann
Letters: Jared Fletcher
Editor: Peter Tomasi
Cover Art: Brandon Peterson
Publisher: DC Comics

With the knowledge that this entire franchise will be revamped and Hal Jordan will be reinstated in just a few months, reviewing this title almost feels like an exercise in futility, and that’s a real shame because this is one of the best Green Lantern storylines in the last two years. I’m enjoying this book more than I have since the Ion storyline, and it’s picking up steam just in time to get the ol’ heave-ho.

After a heartbreaking prologue sequence with John Stewart, we switch to where we left off last issue – a grieving, shattered Kyle Rayner is assaulted by the alien Green Lantern killer known as Fatality, who has a more specific agenda for him mind than she has in the past. Kyle has taken her down before, but when she manages to tag him with a drug that saps his willpower, he may be in for the fight of his life.

Except for the three-page prologue, this is a straight action issue, one long, drawn-out fight, and it takes a special talent to write a fight that long and still keep the book engaging. Marz does that. This is by no means the first time we’ve seen a Green Lantern story where his brain gets scrambled and his ability to use his power ring is compromised, but the inner monologue and the visuals of Kyle struggling to cope with this chemical attack really make it work. The issue ends with a revelation which, while not 100 percent shocking, is very satisfying, as it implies that this storyline will give real closure and a real capper to Kyle’s tenure as the number one Green Lantern.

Luke Ross does fantastic battle scenes and draws a great Green Lantern – he’s one of those artists that not enough people have heard of, but when you see his art, you start questioning why he doesn’t get more high-profile work. From Kyle’s ring constructs to his hallucinations under the influence of the drug, Ross has an attention to detail and a wealth of imagination that makes these pages click.

Only three issues left, and while I do feel confident Geoff Johns will serve up a good beginning to the next chapter of the ringslinger’s legacy, I still feel a little burnt by DC Comics for ending this title, especially now that it’s finally getting good again. Do yourself a favor – if you like Green Lantern but you’ve been turned off by the past few years of tripe, don’t wait for Hal to come back. Read these six issues, and see Kyle get his well-earned last hurrah.

Rating: 8/10

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