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Nodwick #35

November 9, 2006

Quick Rating: Great

The battle with Baphuma’al!

Writer: Aaron Williams
Art: Aaron Williams
Cover Art: Aaron Williams
Publisher: Dork Storm Press/Henchman Publishing

Although I enjoy both of Aaron Williams’s regular comics from Dork Storm, I usually tip my hat to P.S. 238 to have better writing. This issue, though, Nodwick really gives it a run for its money.

Nodwick, henchman supreme, has been taken prisoner by the evil god of dark magic, Baphuma’al, and his friends have to unite to defeat the dark god and save the world… and Nodwick, if at all possible. Most of this issue is the battle scene, and as battle scenes go… well, this may be one of the funniest you’ll ever read. After a very inventive and amusing communiqué, Nodwick’s companions resort to the “Omega Directive,” a sort of “Plan Z”, last-resort, break glass only in case of end of world sort of idea. The results are uniformly hysterical, and the things that happen to Nodwick along the way make this one of the best issues of this title yet. Even the dialogue is fantastic, including a frustrated cry from the bad guy that split my side. The end of this issue comes a little out of the blue, but it’s an intriguing enough development that I can forgive that.

Although P.S. 238 is usually the better written of Williams’s books, Nodwick frequently trumps it in the artwork, and this is no exception. His faces are the weak suit, many of his “ordinary” characters look too similar, but the characters in Nodwick’s world are varied and bizarre enough that this isn’t a problem. His design work for the armor and costumes is excellent, and the battles are wonderfully done.

As usual, we get some back-up strips in this issue, but this issue’s back-ups are rather unusual in their content. We get the first-ever crossover between Nodwick and one of Williams’s other strips, the gamer gag series called Full Frontal Nerdity. When a dark wizard accidentally drains all of the magic from the world, the Nodwick cast winds up running a Renaissance Fair where the FFN guys are wandering around. The result is a fantastic back-up storyline, far superior to the usual strips. (Not that the usual strips are bad – it’s just that this one is great.)

We also get a couple of stand-alone FFN strips and a great Nodwick one-pager exploring the trials and tribulations of magic swords. Altogether, perhaps the best single issue of Nodwick to date.

Rating: 9/10

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