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Wolverine: Origins #12

March 13, 2007

Quick Rating: Dull
Title: Swift and Terrible Part Two
Rating: Parental Advisory

An old foe returns – and Wolverine’s son is out for blood.

Writer: Daniel Way
Art: Steve Dillon
Colors: Matt Milla
Letters: Cory Petit
Editor: Axel Alonso
Cover Art: Joe Quesada
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This issue promises to reveal “the secret of Wolverine’s son!” I’ll save you some trouble: the secret is that he’s boring and derivative. But then, if you’ve been reading for 12 issues, chances are you know that already.

Last issue, Daniel Way introduced a new mutant. This issue, he has an encounter with an old villain. Wolverine, meanwhile, continues trying to hunt down his son, who gets a new set of orders and replies in what I can only assume is the customary fashion.

I just don’t care about any of this, that’s the real problem here. I’m tired of characters – even villains — who kill people for no reason other than to demonstrate how heartless and tough they are. Even Wolverine himself suffers from a dose of that this issue (not killing someone, mind you, but he does other things that could easily have been accomplished without terrorizing innocent bystanders).

Steve Dillon’s art helps to elevate the story – he’s got a favorite style, but I still feel like he’s not really a perfect match for this book. I don’t care for him on a superhero comic – he seems a better fit for a fantasy or an adventure. It’s not that his art is bad here, it just feels… off.

Ultimately, this is a book that simply doesn’t matter to the reader, and when you get right down to it, that’s probably even worse than simply being bad.

Rating: 3/10

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