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I Hate Gallant Girl #2

December 5, 2008
I Hate Gallant Girl #2 (Image Comics/Shadowline)
By Kat Cahill, Jim Valentino & Seth Damoose

Rene gets a second shot at being a hero as Blue Thunder gives her an identity of her own. When the new hero “The Tempest” upstages the new Gallant Girl in public, a feud erupts in the Fellowship of Freedom, made even more dramatic by the quick realization that not all heroes are to be trusted. Kat Cahill and Jim Valentino have really scored with this. It’s an exciting new story, it’s an original twist on the superhero genre, and the cliffhanger ending took me totally by surprise, which ain’t that easy to do anymore. My only small quibble comes in the artwork. While the scenes are dynamic and the style works very well, the real problem is in the faces. A big deal is made about how Rene lost the Gallant Girl pageant because she wasn’t pretty enough, but there’s simply not much of a distinction between the way her face is drawn and the way the “official” Gallant Girl looks. For such a major plot point, the artwork should be clearer. It’s not that big a complaint, but it does take the book’s rating down just a tad.
Rating: 8/10

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