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Teen Titans Go! #5

March 20, 2004

Quick Rating: Below Average
Title: Monster Zit

Raven gets a blemish… and it could tear the Titans asunder!

Writer: J. Torres
Pencils: Tim Smith 3
Inks: Lary Stucker
Colors: Heroic Age
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Editor: Lysa Hawkins & Tom Palmer Jr.
Cover Art: Dave Bullock
Publisher: DC Comics

This issue: Raven gets a zit! And it gets bigger and bigger and worse and worse! That about sums it up! Even though I am, admittedly, no fan of the Teen Titans cartoon, I really feel like this issue did a disservice to the show. Besides the fact that the cartoon did the “hero gets a zit that turns out to be more than a zit” episode with Starfire not too long ago (and did it better), the characters are all extremely off-kilter with the animated versions. Robin and Cyborg are much nastier and crueler than they are usually portrayed in the show, but that wouldn’t happen if Raven’s characterization were so off. She is usually portrayed as a cold, stoic character who keeps her emotions in check. In this issue, though she’s wildly emotional, freaking out over the zit and swinging wildly between shame, humiliation and rage. That’s not how the character is usually (or for that matter, ever) portrayed.

I’m not huge on the anime art style used here either, but that at least is consistent with the show. Most panels in the comic look like they could have been clipped straight out of frames of animation. Tim Smith does a nice job showing the increasingly grotesque nature of the zit in question, and he manages to work in several cute visual gags. At several points the story gets broken up with a brief “comic strip” with a throwaway gag, some of them funny, some of them lame, which will probably work for the younger audience this book is aimed at.

I have to question the wisdom of making a pimple the major plot point of a comic book aimed at an age group that’s too young to have them, but it’s a silly story that I suppose kids will like. At least until they turn on the television and realize that they’re watching almost a completely different set of characters that just happen to look alike.

Rating: 4/10

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