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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine-Fool’s Gold #1

December 19, 2009

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine-Fool’s Gold #1 (IDW Publishing)
By Scott & David Tipson, Fabio Mantovani & David Messina

Although I haven’t jumped full-bore into the IDW Star Trek comics, I decided to take a chance on Fool’s Gold. DS9 remains my favorite Trek series, and seeing the characters again was something that got me really excited. So I was a bit let down when I read this issue and found it to be just okay. The book is partially taken up by some establishing moments — newcomers to the station clue each other (and by proxy, the reader) into just what station Deep Space Nine is and how it came to be. We then get a quick overview of the characters and eventually find our way into the story. Apparently, there’s been a huge influx of people coming into the station lately, but nobody is leaving. While Sisko sees no problem, ever-suspicious Kira decides to look into the situation. The plot is fine, and I don’t even mind the recap, but some of the dialogue is a bit stilted and the artwork leaves something to be desired. Like a lot of TV and movie adaptations, the artist works hard to try to emulate the actors from the show, but loses some of the energy needed for a comic book in the process. It’s not bad, but DS9 deserves better.
Rating: 6/10

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