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Donald Duck and Friends #347

November 7, 2009

Donald Duck and Friends #347 (Boom! Kids)
By Fausto Vitaliano & Andrea Freccero

In part one of “Double Duck,” Donald gets in trouble with Daisy for — once again — falling asleep on their date. As if she isn’t mad enough, when they get outside Donald finds his car booted and marked for a ticket he doesn’t even remember getting. As he investigates his vehicular troubles, a stranger appears with a startling revelation… Donald Duck has had his memory erased. He’s really a secret agent — and he’s needed to once again save the world. This issue really is a lot of fun. This is the kind of story where the Disney characters work very well, starting at the usual status quo and then quickly whipping them into a fantastic adventure that goes outside of their comfort zone. Out of the four classic Disney relaunches, this may be my favorite thus far.
Rating: 8/10

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