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Somebody’s First Comic Book: Fraggle Rock (1985 Series) #4

Wondering what Somebody’s First Comic Book is all about? The explanation is on this page!

TITLE: The Doozer Who Wanted to Be a Fraggle

Writer: Stan Kay
Marie Severin
Grace Kremer
Sid Jacobson
Marvel Comics/Star Comics

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: Hey, Fraggle Rock! I loved this show when I was a kid! And now, as a result of reading the comic book, I’m going to have the theme song stuck in my head for days! Son of a bitch!

IMPRESSIONS: So this is the comic book that’s going to take me down to Fraggle Rock, eh? Let’s see, Red Fraggle wants to party, nothing unusual there. In the midst of her partying, though, she and Gobo smash up some Doozer constructions. Most of the story is actually about the Doozers and not the Fraggles, it seems. Cotterpin is a little Doozer girl who doesn’t want to build like the rest of them. She hears a legend about a Doozer who turned into a Fraggle once, sets out to do it herself, hilarity ensues.

Seems like I need to watch the show again – I don’t remember the Fraggles seeming like such jerks about the Doozer constructions. I remember they ate them, but man, they really come across as callous here. Of course, the Doozers actually like it that way – gives them the chance to keep building, and that’s all they want to do anyway. It’s a symbiotic thing, I guess.

The comic is cute enough, but not as sharp as the TV show was. It feels a little diluted, a little watered down. The artwork is kind of weird too – I’m so used to seeing the Muppet characters only from the waist-up that seeing them walking around with… y’know, legs and stuff is actually kind of weird. And Cotterpin walking around barefoot all the time really seems to hammer home the fact that – hey! The Doozers are naked! (Yes, and the Fraggles go around pantsless. AND barefoot. I don’t know why Cotterpin makes it weirder. I’m sure that if I discussed this with a therapist they’d find some sort of bizarre underpinning barefoot trauma that ties it all together. Come to think of it, I never take my socks off either. I’m rambling, aren’t I?)

Anyway, we all know the Fraggles. They’re cool, they’re fun, and this book lets us know everything we need to know about them and the Doozers. It’s good enough for a B.

GRADE: B (Told you.)

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