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The Spirit (2007 Series) #2

January 25, 2007

Quick Rating: Fantastic
Title: The Maneater

The Spirit’s most notorious femme fatale returns.

Writer: Darwyn Cooke
Pencils: Darwyn Cooke
Inks: J. Bone
Colors: Dave Stewart
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Editor: Scott Dunbier
Cover Art: Daryn Cooke
Publisher: DC Comics

As the black widow named P’Gell returns to Central City, the Spirit goes undercover to ferret out a suspected terrorist in town. Naturally, their paths cross again, and the sparks fly.

I’ve always loved the Spirit/P’Gell relationship. There’s a definite heat there, a definite chemistry, even when Denny Colt is playing house with his girlfriend, Ellen Dolan. But unlike the similar Batman/Catwoman relationship, P’Gell doesn’t exactly have that heart of gold that makes her somewhat redeemable. Denny’s attraction to her seems to be purely chemical, and as such, strikes me as being certainly unique among Golden Age heroes, who were usually much more virtuous.

In fact, I love pretty much everything about this book. Darwyn Cooke, as both writer and artist, is virtually the only creator working in comics today that has the right sensibility to handle this property. The characters, from the Spirit to his entourage to the villains, all maintain their timeless quality, while modern elements like computers and cell phones fit seamlessly into the story. Cooke has even managed to update the Spirit’s sidekick, Ebony, distilling away the characteristics that made him such a stereotype and instead giving him a look and personality that’s acceptable now and would have worked just as well in the classic stories.

The Spirit really is one of the finest characters ever created in the Golden Age, and it’s great to see he’s finally found an outlet for new stories that really do the character justice. Darwyn Cooke was born to put this on the page.

Rating: 9/10

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