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Mickey Mouse and Friends #296

October 2, 2009

Mickey Mouse and Friends #296 (Boom! Kids)
By Stefano Ambrosio, Lorenzo Patrovicchio, Roberto Santillo & Marco Giglione

Man, it’s nice to have the classic Disney comics back, isn’t it? It’s been nearly three years since the last Mickey Mouse comic here in the states, and several months since the remaining comics vanished, so to have one in my hands again feels really good. That said, let’s look at how this issue measures up as a line-launcher. In truth, it’s okay. This story, a European reprint, casts Mickey and his friends as sorcerers in a fantasy world where Mickey — the sorcerer’s apprentice, of course — has to chase down a magic crystal he lost to a trickster villain. Along the way, he finds some good friends to help. I’m of two minds about this book. It’s not bad — fans of the Kingdom Hearts video games in particular will find something to lile. And the artwork is just wonderful. But as the first Mickey book in several years, I kind of wish Boom! Kids had gone with something a little more traditional. This is Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, but not really the Mickey, Donald, and Goofy we know and love. There’s certainly a place for stories like this — I just don’t know if it should be first place.
Rating: 7/10

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