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Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness #2

April 1, 2007

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Marvel Team-Ups
Rating: Parental Advisory

Ash Williams is stuck in a world full of Marvel Zombies!

Writer: John Layman
Art: Fabiano Neves
Colors: June Chung
Letters: Rus Wooton
Editor: Ralph Macchio
Cover Art: Arthur Suydam
Publisher: Marvel Comics/Dynamite Entertainment

The crossover event of the year (well… at least of the spring) continues! Ash Williams has fallen into a Marvel Universe that is just about to be overrun by a zombie plague – but these zombies aren’t like the Deadites he’s so used to doing battle with. Along the way, he picks up a few allies, and a few weapons as well.

This issue is okay, but it doesn’t really progress the plot too much until the very end. Mostly, it’s Ash taking a tour through a Marvel New York gone straight to Hell, encountering a few different characters and being alternately horrified and aroused at the people around him. It’s actually very good from a character standpoint, it’s just that the story moves slowly… right up until the last page, which is not only a great cliffhanger, but perhaps the single funniest comic book panel I’ve read all year.

Fabiano Neves does a fine job here of integrating the Zombiefied style that Sean Phillips uses with a look that fits a little more neatly with the Army of Darkness comics, even doing a great rendition of Bruce Campbell throughout. And what would any Marvel Zombies issue be without a great cover by Arthur Suydam? Like most covers he’s done for this series, it isn’t representative of anything having to do with the book, of course, it’s just another Zombiefied remake of a classic Marvel cover, in this case a Jim Lee X-Men.

This issue is still fun, but it’s the end that really sells it.

Rating: 7/10

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