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Jughead’s Pal Hot Dog #5

June 30, 2008

Quick Rating: Good
Title: Puppy Tales

A swig of Fountain of Youth water sends little Hot Dog on a terrifying journey!

Writer: Nate Butler
Pencils: Doug Crane & Tim Kennedy
Inks: Pat Kennedy & Jon D’Agostino
Colors: Barry Grossman
Letters: Bill Yoshida
Editor: Regina Curro
Cover Art: Nate Butler
Publisher: Archie Comics

One more of the “89 experiment” titles – in Jughead’s Pal Hot Dog, the most famous pooch in Riverdale got a new doghouse made by super-advanced canines from outer space. Full of cool technology and an inner dimension that made the TARDIS seem confining, Hot Dog and his buddy Pablito had a slew of exciting adventures. Well… is five issues a “slew”?

In this final issue, Hot Dog and his robot butler Tolbert are giving Pablito a tour of the trophy room when he accidentally takes a sip from a bottle of Fountain of Youth water he’s kept as a souvenir of a previous adventure. Transformed into a puppy, Hot Dog winds up lost in Riverdale, pursued by the nasty neighborhood cat Horatio Hisspit. In the back-up, Hot Dog takes a nap only to get zapped by his old foes, Drak Batfang and the Galacti-Cats, and turned into a giant menace.

This was a really fun little series – it actually appealed well to a slightly younger demographic than even the typical Archie audience, but was clever enough to be read by the older kids as well. Still, the market just wasn’t there, and like so many other innovative new Archie comics – Archie 3000, Jughead’s Time Police, Explorers of the Unknown and Faculty Funnies to name a few — it quickly went the way of Cancelled Comics Cavalcade.

Things like Hot Dog’s super-doghouse have rarely – if ever – been mentioned in the nearly 20 years since these comics were published, but there is a small core of old-school Archie fans who remember them fondly. I’m one of ‘em.

Rating: 7/10

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