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Somebody’s First Comic Book: Aquaman (2003 Series) #36

Wondering what Somebody’s First Comic Book is all about? The explanation is on this page!

TITLE: The Failure of Success

Writer: John Arcudi
Leonard Kirk
Andy Clarke
Nathan Eyring
Travis Lanham
Peter Tomasi
DC Comics

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: Aquaman talks to fish.

IMPRESSIONS: Well, this should be good for a laugh. Aquaman, silliest superhero ever invented and… what’s this? On the first page, we see a chimpanzee swimming around in what appears to be a sunken city (American, not Atlantis) and bringing a corpse to the surface. Maybe this won’t be a chucklefest after all.

When we see Aquaman, he’s in a hospital bed, having been beat the hell up, and it appears he’s trying to explain to his girlfriend why he never mentioned his wife Mera to her… Wha? Aquaman is a player? But… talks to… fish

Anyway, some terrorists break out another water-breathing terrorist from some sort of laboratory/prison, give him a silly helmet, and they start blowing stuff up. Meanwhile Aquaman swims around this sunken city with his adult son, Koryak, Aquagirl, the chimpanzee and some thing that looks like a gorilla and a shark had a baby, while some sorcerer called Tempest does something bad and a guy in a green cape (calls himself the Spectre) shows up and promises to cause an “Infinite Crisis.”

My head hurts. I’ve got no idea what’s going on here. Aquaman is acting like kind of a male slut, giving the women really lame explanations for what’s going on, and I’ve got no idea why this underwater city is flying American flags (is “flying” even really the right word when it’s underwater), who Tempest is, or why this Spectre is so pissed off. The only reason I can even tell Black Manta is supposed to be the bad guy is because he’s going around shooting at people, although if the rest of this issue is anything to go on, we’ll probably find out those people go around sticking firecrackers up toad’s butts in their spare time.

I liked it better when Aquaman was just the silly guy who talked to fish.


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