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The Last Fantastic Four Story #1

September 4, 2007

The Last Fantastic Four Story (Marvel Comics)
By Stan Lee, John Romita Jr.

Now here’s a toughie. Stan Lee‘s Fantastic Four: The End was replaced by the Alan Davis miniseries, with Lee‘s book turning into this special. It’s basically the same thing as a The End special, but with one major difference: there’s no real feeling of finality here. It’s always a treat to read Stan Lee‘s dialogue coming out of Ben Grimm’s mouth, but the story about a giant from space threatening to destroy the Earth feels rather bland. There’s a definite sense of “been there,” which wouldn’t be bad if there was a real knockout ending. For a “last” story, though, this feels like it could have been dropped in virtually any point in FF history without actually being a real ending. Romita‘s artwork is great — his work on Eternals proved his skill at Kirbyesque sci-fi. Overall, though, this book didn’t have the spark one would have hoped for considering the pedigree of its creators.
Rating: 5/10

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