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Cars: The Rookie #1

April 2, 2009

Cars: The Rookie #1 (Boom! Kids)
By Alan J. Porter, Albert Carreres & Allen Gladfelter

In this prequel to the Pixar movie, hot new racing car Lightning McQueen sits down with RSN news to tell the story of how he made it to the Piston Cup circuit. After a disastrous early race nearly kills McQueen’s career before it starts, a new friend may be the only path to the big-time. The book has an instant uphill climb. Because it’s a prequel, that means the whole story takes place before the movie, which means our lead character is still the self-centered jerk he was when the film began, and he can’t develop that much. Writer Alan Porter finds two interesting ways to keep us engaged. First, he paints an interesting division between what really happened and the story that Lightning tells the reporters. Second, he gives us a sympathetic character in Mack, Lightning’s driver, who has a much bigger part here than he did in the film. Carreres does a really good job with the artwork — the characters look good and the coloring job is wonderful. The art team does a fine job of keeping the world of the comic consistent with the film. Another strong entry in the Boom! Kids line.

Rating: 8/10

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