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Donald Duck Adventures (1990 Series) #35

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TITLE: Asleep on the Deep, The Sleepies, Donald’s Lullaby & A Quiet Place to Sleep

Writer: Tom Yakutis & Carl Barks
Art: Bill White & Carl Barks
: Bucky O’Neill
: Jo Meugniot & Susan Daigle-Leach
Bob Foster, Jim Franzen, Bruce Patterson & Cris Palomino
Chris Palomino, Bob Foster & David Seidman
Disney Comics

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: It’s Donald Duck. He quacks, he gets pissed, he threatens to break things

IMPRESSIONS: This appears to be a collection of Donald Duck stories all about the power of sleep (or lack thereof). “Asleep on the Deep” features Donald’s problems trying to get some shuteye. His old bed is a wreck, so he decides to go shopping for a brand-new waterbed… which, considering the whole “Breaking things” problem I mentioned before, isn’t really a good thing. We also get two short stories in which he attempts to help his Uncle Scrooge and nephews catch some shut-eye, before moving on to story #4, where the proximity to a nearby train track is making it impossible for him to sleep. Donald decides to move to a quieter home, but his temper launches a feud with the neighbor that turns everything upside down.

The stories here are all pretty good, especially the last one. Donald’s temper is legendary, of course, and seeing it in action makes for a funny comic book. And, of course, being a comic about Donald Duck pretty much guarantees that pretty much anybody can pick this up at any time and follow along. This works very well


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