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PS 238 #45

August 27, 2010

Title: Presenting: Atlas 2.0
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams
Do-Gooder Press

Continuing the usual brilliant work of Aaron Williams, this issue of PS 238 features Moonshadow and Argonaut on the run from the Argosian guards, and with Argonaut’s powers gone, they may need a little help. Back on Earth, the young Argosian who was stranded there after the invasion is recruited by the government to take on the mantle of Atlas, Argonaut’s father, who has returned to his home planet. The trouble is, the new Atlas isn’t quite the hero the first one was, so Julie is recruited to give him a crash course in being a superhero.

When this title is on, and it is, Williams can combine funny and exciting better than anybody working in comics right now. Atlas 2.0’s reactions to the tropes of heroism are really entertaining, and while some of them betray his alien heritage, others poke holes in the conventional logic of the superhero genre. We also get to see just how much Julie, or “84,” has grown as a character in the last few story arcs. She’s a much stronger person – emotionally – than she was before, and that’s that strength that makes her story work. Throw in a funny villain and the book hits all the marks it needs.

We also get, as usual a Full Frontal Nerdity back-up feature. This time, as the gang come down with a case of Gamer Flu, they hallucinate themselves into a Wizard of Oz parody. The high concept of this series may turn some people off (a bunch of gamers sitting at a table… gaming), but the execution makes it much more accessible than similarly-themed strips like Knights of the Dinner Table. Having Williams on the art doesn’t hurt either.

Rating: 8/10

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