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X-Men: Phoenix-Warsong #4

December 9, 2006

Quick Rating: Fair
Rating: T+

The Phoenix takes Celeste!

Writer: Greg Pak
Pencils: Tyler Kirkham
Inks: Sal Regla & Jay Leisten
Colors: John Starr
Letters: Troy Peteri
Editor: Andy Schmidt
Cover Art: Marc Silvestri
Publisher: Marvel Comics

While not quite as good as the first X-Men: Phoenix miniseries by Greg Pak, this title has shown some interesting ideas. As the X-Men try to chase down the remaining Stepford Cuckoos, Celeste becomes engulfed in the power of the Phoenix, and only Emma Frost may hold the key to stopping her.

If there’s one thing about this comic that I’m particularly not fond of, it’s the idea that the Cuckoos are all, in essence, Emma clones. (Come on, Marvel, is more clones ever a good idea?) Once I manage to get past that little caveat, though, this is a pretty solid action issue. The mindscape battle of words between Emma, Celeste and the Phoenix itself works pretty well, and the Beast (my personal favorite X-character) gets a few chances to show off, which makes me happy. The last page is a nice setup to lead into the final issue as well.

Tyler Kirkham’s artwork is okay, but it still feels very much like he’s trying to mimic Marc Silvestri rather than trying to find a style of his own. I am happy to note, though, that he manages to give the Cuckoos relatively realistic bodies for girls their age. They aren’t bulging out like Playboy Playmates anywhere, and although some of their costuming is a little revealing, its not so much that it seems preposterous.

Overall, this has been an okay series that’s given a much-needed new direction to the whole Phoenix concept. The last issue, though, is what will determine how concretely that new direction sticks.

Rating: 6/10

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