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Birds of Prey (2010 Series) #3

August 7, 2010

Title: Endrun Part Three: Whistling Past the Gravestones

Writer: Gail Simone
Ed Benes & Adriana Melo
Ed Benes & Mariah Benes
Nei Ruffino
Steve Wands
Cliff Chiang
Janelle Siegel
DC Comics

The best Brightest Day launch series continues this issue. As the Penguin lies injured and hallucinating, the Birds try to figure out their next move. Black Canary’s secret identity has been outed and the Gotham City Police Department is on their trail, targeting Canary for murders that she couldn’t have committed.

There’s all kinds of good in this issue. We meet the architect of the Birds’ misery, and it’s a pretty big surprise when the identity is revealed. This isn’t a character I ever would have suspected in this instance, and kudos to Gail Simone for throwing me off the scent so completely. We also get a fantastic battle between Black Canary and the still-enigmatic White Canary, an enemy whose identity remains a mystery, but that isn’t stopping the speculation.

Ed Benes and Adriana Melo share the penciler’s job this month, and they both do a really sharp job. The action scenes are intense, and the Penguin’s dream sequence… well… let’s just say that he’s certainly not the first person reading this book to have such a dream. Benes has been accused of posting up some cheesecake pictures in the past, and that’s not an unfair statement, but if you’ve gotta have cheesecake he’s damn good at it.

The artwork wouldn’t be anything without such a brilliant story, though. Simone is one of the top writers – not just at DC, but in comics today. I’m so happy to have her back on this title. It’s like coming home again.

Rating: 9/10

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